Don’t TEXT me Klopp – I can’t cope with your messages!

The mood Jurgen Klopp is giving off to the public currently doesn’t seem one of satisfaction or one of being content. In fact, I wouldn’t want to be on the end of a text message from Jurgen right now. He is the definition of shrewd and a lot of people are feeling it right now.



The best place to start is with the players and probably the only place I should go, but I won’t, more on that later, but Jurgen came to the club with plenty of hugs and I don’t see much of that right now. Sure he still has his smile, swagger and laugh, three things he will never lose, but we are seeing early signs of an extremely shrewd operator. I mean who dares to go into a prestigious club and sells 17 of their players in his first season in charge? Yes that’s right Jurgen Klopp did that at BVB, and there was no room for emotion then, and there won’t be any now. In fact, the only emotion we see with Jurgen is on the touchline and with the players on the pitch. Boss thaaa.

I see Skrtel barely getting game time (less said the better); I see Lovren being taken off at half-time after spouting a week before about how much of a leader he is. Klopp told us that it was because of the emotions in the stadium and the referee, but I can’t remember for the life of me if the likes of Nesta, Baresi, Thuram, Carra, Terry and co ever being subbed at half time for those reasons? He’s not fooling Jurgen. Let’s look at Jordan Henderson, who was apparently sick at half time in the Europa League game against United and then against Southampton he only made the bench. Well, you’re either ill or your not – someone on Twitter will tell me there isn’t a black and white with football and while that is partly true we can’t ignore it when the captain is dropped to the bench. He hasn’t played well, and again there is no fooling Klopp. What about £32M superstar Christian Benteke? Klopp clearly has bombed him to the bench, and that is startling despite the amount of money we paid for him. I wonder what happens in training? I suppose we only get to find out when Balotelli comes back!

But I tell you what the biggest message that Klopp has sent for me has been, Lucas Leiva (The man never dies). He hasn’t been good enough for years, but Klopp decided to start him in defence in the Carling Cup Final against the best striker in the Premier League. Lucas hasn’t done so bad to be fair to him and at times he has looked better than most, but that has nothing to do with his quality but everything to do with Klopp and the message he is sending the squad. Would Klopp rather a DM in defence than a fit CB? What is he trying to say? He’s telling the squad they aren’t good enough, and that pattern has continued from January. Oh and he made Flanagan captain ahead of Sakho and Can – Social media fume or masterstroke by Klopp? I seriously doubt Flanno is the long-term leadership solution but again a message sent to the squad – No leaders.

I have mentioned this before and I am going to say it again, Klopp has offended Kopites with his jibe at fans who leave the ground early for a quick pint or to miss traffic (I have been guilty of the latter). He has sent us a message; he challenged the famous atmosphere and we’ve barely given it back to show him any different, The Europa League tie with United was a one off if we are honest. Again another message…. Klopp is sending some brutal messages whether we hear it or not and I think it’s time we stood up and listened to what he is doing, or it is going to be a long summer ahead of us.

Some of the players I expect to leave this summer are Benteke, Henderson, Skrtel, Lallana – Message received Jurgen!

Amit Dattani

Amit Dattani

Son of a farmer from South Sudan, currently a bodyguard for Red Reddington. When I am not protecting my boss’s life I watch and write about my beloved club Liverpool FC.

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Amit Dattani

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  1. Adeyinka
    March 23, 2016 at 10:32 am

    I think you are overreacting here Bro! Have you forgotten the injury crisis that rocked the Center Backs, we didn’t have Lovren, Sakho and Skrtel available at the same time,. Henderson to be fair hasn’t been playing well, he misses plenty of opportunities et Al, poor long range passes something Gerrard was the best ever on. As a captain, you have to drive n motivate, Hendo lacks that. And about Flanagan captaining the side, who in the team has been there long enough and it was a gesture to welcome him back… Just in case, Martin has been playing with under 21 as comeback. Benteke since arriving apart from his games under Rodgers has put in a mediocre performance. Just saying let Klopp … Restructure the team however he wants to, what he built for BVB is still standing…… Just give him a chance and forget shrewdness.

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