Information for the Liverpool supporters welcoming the team coach

This Saturday (10th September) will see the team return to Anfield for the first time this season following the construction of the new Main Stand.

Returning to Anfield for a new season is always a big occasion and a chance for the new signings to experience the famous Anfield atmosphere first-hand.

Action Images via Reuters

Action Images via Reuters

We’ve planned a team bus greeting, similar to ones we’ve done for finals which have always proved successful. Why? Well, why not? There’s no better time to boost the team’s spirit than the first home game, regardless of who we’re playing. We’ve had a rocky start in the first 3 games so we need to show our support.

A few people have been quick to criticise this, calling it “wool behaviour” and how it should be “saved for big games”. But what about supporting the team in the lead up to those big games? If we aren’t showing our love for the team in every single game how are we even going to get to those finals? I think every game should be treated like a cup final. Go out, give it everything for each and every game and you can win the league.

Remember that semi-final win against Villarreal? Remember what happened before that game? Fans lined the streets and made the sky red as they welcomed the team bus to Anfield.

‘We didn’t expect this result but we believed from the beginning. (..) The 12th player helped us today, our fans, the atmosphere was really amazing – even better than against Dortmund.’

Lovren after the game

And we all know how good that Dortmund game was! Even Klopp said he’d love that for the PL games!

Police approval of the event has been given and extra security will be put into place to make sure everyone is safe. After the greeting the bus, get into the stadium chanting and keep the atmosphere going until the final whistle. So the details you need to know:

Saturday 10th September

4pm (please get down earlier)

Bus arrival at the King Harry Pub


Huge well done to Roopa (with Anfield Talk) and Anfield Observer to achieve this. Lets hope this will be a memorable day.



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