Is Jurgen Klopp winning you over?

I recently wrote about how Jurgen Klopp has been sticking his middle finger to the fans based on his team selections and summer transfer signings, and he’s proving us all wrong. Despite him doing this and giving us the Liverpool fan relentless attacking football we so craved after some barren years, we are finding new ways to moan, just like we are finding new ways to concede goals (joke). We say we love Jurgen but our actions don’t prove that to be true and yes it is true we should never be afraid to question his methods because no one is perfect, the moan has taken new levels.


I know someone who called him Jurgen Rodgers and another who constantly says we have gone backwards since Rodgers. Another said he was worried that Klopp was a Christian as that might influence some of his decision makings. Welcome to the circus. Below I look at three reasons why Klopp isn’t convincing some of the fanbase.

Defensive Errors – We make some crazy defensive errors and it does seem to affect our fans the most. The facts are we have been poor since Rafa, and as the years have gone on, The Premier League has become more volatile, and the general quality of defending in football has decreased. However, despite looking a little better we lose the plot when we concede a goal, and it’s not meant to be a celebration, but we are extreme. Do we trust Klopp to make a gradual improvement? What does Jurgen think of our opinion? Well, this week he said he doesn’t respect anyone who says we have defensive problems. Do we trust him or not?

Attacking football – This is the best attacking football I have seen for many years, and I would say so far it is better than what I witnessed when Suarez was at the club. In that season where we finished second, the game was centred around Suarez and Sturridge, everything else was a consequence of them, but this season and parts of last it has been the entire group that have contributed, especially the front five. We had one bad moment on Saturday against WBA, and that was it, all the hard work and exciting football that was on show went down the drain in our minds. Do we trust him or not?

January Transfer Window – I recently ran a poll on my social media network, and I asked who people would want to sign in January and the reasons for it. Very few gave me a reason, but everyone but two responded with players they feel that can benefit the squad. 100% of the responses included wanting a left back despite Milner doing a brilliant job and it doesn’t look like temporary form either. People worry about Moreno but isn’t Klopp able to make him a decent backup?

Being a Liverpool fan is interesting because we’ve had more failures than successes over the last 20+ years, but Klopp has started to make a real difference. We seem more united; we are playing some brilliant attacking football, and Klopp is saying all the right things. I think we all want to support the way Klopp wants to do things, but we don’t trust that he will deliver it.

Klopp is all about coaching, and that seems to be his focus. We knew this yet we are unhappy with him. Or are we?

Doubters into Believers.

Amit Dattani

Amit Dattani

Son of a farmer from South Sudan, currently a bodyguard for Red Reddington. When I am not protecting my boss’s life I watch and write about my beloved club Liverpool FC.

You can find me on a private jet or driving a bentley.
Amit Dattani

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  1. Dan
    October 24, 2016 at 8:10 pm

    Sorry mate but you’re hanging around with the wrong people if they’re spouting that bullshit at you. Kopp is the real deal and anyone with half a brain can see that.

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