Jurgen Klopp is Liverpool’s last chance to become great again

Hurt, fed up, seething, disappointed and Mignolet are some of the words that come to my mind when thinking about the loss to Man City in the Carling Cup Final. When it comes to finals and trophies, Liverpool Football Club have been great since their existence but we haven’t been great for a long time and Jurgen Klopp is our last hope, yes our very final hope to become great again. To be a great team we need to be able to dominate and whilst the Premier league has changed in recent times there is an open space for one team to dominate for years to come.

Source: liverpoolfc.com

Source: liverpoolfc.com

The lack of domination is startling and many of us have found one too many excuses to defend our beloved club and my excuses have run dry now. We struggle to dominate games so how will we dominate England and Europe? My answer is Jurgen Klopp! Sure we haven’t been great since he took over from Rodgers but we are united and are playing football with a smile – Those are two very underrated qualities. On top of the lack of domination we also have a lack of top class players at the club and probably will find it difficult to get top class established quality players in. It does seem we won’t pay big wages for 4-5 stars and it does look like we aren’t an attractive option anymore except, Jurgen Klopp. You can see why we aren’t great anymore – Lack of success, Lack of quality.

So what next, wallow in sorrow or actually look towards our last hope? – I actually wrote an article on how Klopp isn’t a Messiah for us but with new information new titles need to be realised and the fact is LFC needs a Messiah; Someone who can bring resurrection to a sleeping giant and that man is Jurgen Klopp. His enthusiasm, passion and refusal to give up are vital qualities of a world class leader and with his brain (coaching staff) I am quite confident that despite this being our last chance to be great, he will make it happen. You see Klopp brings hope, the kind of hope that realises that he will target good quality players, play the right formation, play the right players in the right positions and most of all, implement a relentless football style which will be full of emotion, passion and vigour. Last chance saloon, but I am a believer.

So what is so good about our new Messiah apart from the way he connects to us fans and his attitude? Well he has done it before! He has gone and made messy situations into great ones and that is what we need Klopp to deliver for us. Mainz 05 and Dortmund were big projects that he took on and essentially he turned their fortunes around and whilst LFC may be a bigger challenge it is one I believe he can cope with so let’s give him time to do that. I have said it previously that we are lucky to have him on board and the fallen giant needs to rise again. We are on our last legs but Klopp can change that within a few season. So far but closer than we all probably think and agree on. Last chance saloon.


Jurgen Klopp – Liverpool FC’s last and final hope to be great again. Jump on the train.
Amit Dattani

Amit Dattani

Son of a farmer from South Sudan, currently a bodyguard for Red Reddington. When I am not protecting my boss’s life I watch and write about my beloved club Liverpool FC.

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Amit Dattani

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  1. March 1, 2016 at 2:47 pm

    Why is he our final chance? What if a better manager takes over after him? Personally I think Klopp is over rated, all bluff and no substance.

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