We Are Liverpool Tra La La La

It wasn’t that long ago that “We Are Liverpool Tra La La La” could be heard echoing around every football stadium, train station, bus station, taxi rank and pub, country wide as Liverpool fans enjoyed an exceptional season under Brendan Rodgers and many were hoping that the dream of finally winning that elusive Premier League title would come to fruitation, but as we all know now it just wasn’t to be. Last season it wasn’t to be heard anywhere, as Liverpool slumped to disappointing result after disappointing result and getting no where near those elusive Champions League spots.

But now that Jürgen Klopp is in charge, that’s all changed, small murmuring of the We Are Liverpool Tra La La chant are starting to appear again on the Kop. While fans aren’t getting too carried away, the feel good factor is most definitely back. Players that fans had given up on are playing like their lives depend on good performances on a regular basis. You know who I’m on about Martin Skrtel, Dejan Lovren and Lucas Leiva to name but a few. Personally I had given up on them. I was ready to dance a little dance when Liverpool got rid of the three players I’ve named above.

It’s not just the three above that have improved since Jürgen came in, young players like Phillipe Coutinho, Alberto Moreno, Roberto Firmino, Adam Lallana, Emre Can have all also steppes up their games. You can pick any of the current crop of players and I’ll admit that they’ve improved, but it’s the younger players above that have impressed me the most. Players have stepped up and shown their worth for the club. They’re scoring goals on a regular basis, something that was missing last season.

Having already dispatched of Chelsea and Manchester City in a clinical way, I’m starting to get my hope and belief back that maybe just maybe Liverpool will climb into the Champions League places. With Chelsea struggling this season in the league, it would be a fantastic tribute to the work Klopp is currently doing with the players. Klopp had made me fall back in love with football again. Instead of dreading Saturday’s or mid week games I’m now looking forward to them. I’m starting to get rid of the bitterness that I had towards the end of the Brendan Rodgers era and I can nearly say his name without shuddering or giving out about him.

And it’s not just me that Jürgen Klopp has made fall in love with football again. It’s every single person attached to the club. As I said already the players are all playing for him. They’re executing a game plan. They each know where they are to be on the pitch at any one time, they’re slowly but surely getting the 2013/2014 swagger back. They’re back hunting in packs when Liverpool don’t have the ball and they’re moving forward like lightening leaving opposition fans and playets stunned! Klopp has everyone firing on all cylinders, has them confident, not only are they playing for Klopp they’re also playing for each other, again something that was missing last season. Now the players know if a mistake happens on the pitch, it’s not the end of the world. Instead of withdrawing into themselves they push on trying to make up for that mistake. Look at Martin Skrtel against Manchester City. He was at fault for the Sergio Aguero goal, yet had the confidence to goal a goal in the second half any striker would be proud of. That shows how much Klopp has improved the mentality within the team.

Under Jürgen Klopp I have a feeling that things are only going to get better. The team will improve and the bigger players will all want to come to Anfield to play for ‘The Normal One’ and then just then We Are Liverpool Tra La La La will again break out in unison not only in Anfield but also in every ground, pub, bus station, taxi rank or any place you have a gathering of Liverpool fans because after all We Are Liverpool.

Aaron Cawley

Aaron Cawley

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