Three reasons why Liverpool may ‘fail’ this season

Liverpool Football Club is currently standing on shaky ground, and while there is a great opportunity to finish high in the league and win some trophies, there is an equally worrying scenario that the club will fall flat on their faces again. It’s all too familiar territory with Liverpool as things look promising, but failure to capitalise seems to be the current trend. Below I look at three reasons why we could be unsuccessful this season.



Fatigue – Despite an energetic performance against Manchester United, the players look tired as I would expect from Klopp’s physical and emotional demands. I didn’t expect the fatigue to hit the squad so soon, but a lack of rotation in the league has placed a lot of pressure on some of the key players. Unless they are managed properly, Liverpool could be on the verge of an early burnout.

Transfers – I had hoped after the summer window, that Klopp would have lined up a few players for the January window, and as of now, it seems this is not going to happen. While the summer window was good (we didn’t buy any duds) we desperately lack in pace going forward, creativity in midfield and another CB. Ideally, a LB would have been a priority too, but Klopp wants to train players. Fair enough. However, it’s undeniable how short we are regarding squad depth, and this may hamper any opportunity Liverpool have to finish in the top four. So far Klopp has come up with all the right answers, but let’s see where we are in May.

Tactics – Teams have worked out what to do against Liverpool, and as they tend to sit deeper, the Liverpool players seem void of ideas unless Coutinho and Mane are playing. These are worrying signs as the squad can’t be dependant on the quality of two players on a regular basis, and therefore Klopp needs to become more flexible with his tactics and selections. We have one of the best strikers in the country in Daniel Sturridge, and he may not do the exact work Klopp loves, he must be used the right way to help the team. You probably don’t like Sturridge, and that wouldn’t be for footballing reasons because no one moaned about his lack of pressing under Brendan did they? Klopp needs to get Daniel some more minutes (if fit) and make things happen around him at least until Sadio returns.

I hope Liverpool don’t fail, at the same time, I rarely expect them to make the most of the opportunities that present themselves on a regular basis. One thing that we can’t argue with; So far Klopp has been right, and he will do this his own way.

Amit Dattani

Amit Dattani

Son of a farmer from South Sudan, currently a bodyguard for Red Reddington. When I am not protecting my boss’s life I watch and write about my beloved club Liverpool FC.

You can find me on a private jet or driving a bentley.
Amit Dattani

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  1. Thomas Peter Jones
    January 22, 2017 at 10:47 am

    I could not agree more, the players look tired and as the squad does not have sufficiently quality replacements hence the lack of rotation.
    As for the tactics, like Brendan Rogers we do not have a plan B, we sold him to Crystal Palace.

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