West Ham: The Opposition view for Arsenal

First of all, Do you prefer The Emirates or Highbury? Reasons for your answer being?

1) Highbury as not only did it have a better atmosphere but it also holds most of our clubs history. I’m sure that in the future it will be a closer call between the two though.

How do you see Arsenal’s upcoming season going? Win a trophy or will you be happy with just Top 4 again?

2) I can see Arsenal coming in the top 2 this season, whether we manage to actually win the league this time or not is another matter. I feel that we have the second best squad in the league after Chelsea, but it will be hard for Chelsea to win the league twice in a row. Also, City have an ageing squad and have made some questionable signings (Delph, Mangala, Fernando) and United will have too many new players that need to gel this season.

Was you happy with last season’s results and outcomes?

3) I was happy with a lot of the results last year as it made a change to previous years. Beating United at old Trafford, City at the Etihad and beating Liverpool 4-1 were some of the highlights as well as convincingly winning the FA cup. There were also a few bad results that need to be addressed such as the home loss to Swansea and United, and the bad loss to Monaco.

Who’s the best youth player Arsenal have, would you say?

4) I’d say that at the moment our best youth player would have to be The Ox. Still only 21 years old and now seems to be adding a lot more skill and end product to his game, as well as having a lot more confidence. He also seems to perform well in big games, such as the recent Community Shield Vs Chelsea, and the game 2 seasons ago against Bayern Munich when he played CM. the one criticism of his game at the moment is that he sometimes loses the ball in dangerous areas when the simple pass was on.

What’s your prediction for this Sunday’s encounter in the London derby?

5) My prediction for this Sunday’s London derby is 3-1 Arsenal. I feel that West Ham have improved massively with their signings, but it will take time for all of their players to gel. Also, as West Ham have their second leg in the Europa league just 3 days before the game a lot of their players will not be up to full fitness. I can see it being a tight game, 2-1 until the last 10 minutes when we will probably score another from a counter attack.


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